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​Local Government

Do you want to help your local community?

Employment with a local (or county) government agency offers you challenge and responsibility in addition to the satisfaction of public service and a healthy work/life balance. The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission administers examinations for many local government human service agencies in the Commonwealth, such as Area Agencies on Aging; Children, Youth and Families Agencies; Drug and Alcohol Agencies; Mental Health and Mental Retardation Agencies; Housing Authorities; as well as local Emergency Management Agencies. Such agencies are found in nearly every county within Pennsylvania and agency missions contribute to improving the lives of Pennsylvania residents who are in need.

Local government positions often provide ample room for career growth and advancement. Many entry-level positions are stepping stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers. For example, you can start your journey as a County Social Services Aide, Aging Case Aide, Drug and Alcohol Case Management Specialist Trainee, or Management Aide with the opportunity to advance to higher level titles such as County Caseworker, Aging Care Manager, Drug and Alcohol Case Management Specialist, Property Manager, and so on. Each step along this path comes with additional responsibilities as well as an increase in compensation. There are many paths like this available; you only need to find the one that is right for you. In addition to job titles that are involved in the provision of direct services to clients, there are also a variety of job titles in administrative, technical, and other support functions within each local government agency.

To learn more about these careers, view the online version of our Career Opportunities in Local Government Agencies Brochure. To browse a list of job titles that are currently available for application, visit the Job Seekers section of our website. Test announcements that feature local government job titles are designated as (Local Government). Upon opening a test announcement, local government job titles feature job codes that begin with an L. Keep in mind that this listing changes as new job titles open and others close, so check back often.

Please note that salaries for local government jobs vary according to the specific county. Contact individual county offices to obtain specific information about salaries and benefits packages.