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Cell Phone Policy

Wireless Communications and Unauthorized Devices Policy

The use of wireless communication devices (e.g., cell phones, blackberries or other) and all other unauthorized electronic devices in the test room is strictly prohibited. The use of such a device in the test room will result in the cancellation of your test results, immediate removal from the test room and may result in its confiscation. Therefore, you arestrongly encouraged NOT to bring any wireless communication devices into the test room . If you do bring a wireless communications or other device into the test room, it must be completely turned off (it may not be set to ring, vibrate, silent or other) and it must be stored out of public view and may not be accessed during the examination for any reason. Devices are not to be kept on top of the testing station.

Use of any unauthorized wireless communications or other unauthorized devices during testing will be deemed an act of cheating. Test results will be cancelled and you may be subject to additional administrative and legal actions. This policy will be strictly enforced.