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Reinstatement Information

The reinstatement of a former civil service employee is permitted, but not required, by the Civil Service Act or the Rules of the Civil Service Commission.

Who May Be Reinstated?

Anyone who left civil service employment in good standing may be reinstated to a position in the same job title held at the time of resignation, or another job title at the same or lower pay grade, provided the individual is qualified for the position.

A person is considered to have left employment in good standing if:
• The employee resigned voluntarily giving a written notice, containing the employees signature and both the date submitted and the effective date of the resignation.

• The employee was placed on a mandatory reemployment list after furlough.

• The employ
ee moved from a classified service to a non-classified service position and did not go into Leave Without Pay status.

In certain cases, failure to return from a leave of absence without pay may also be construed as a voluntary resignation. Reinstatement may be to any state agency or any county, city or other Pennsylvania political subdivision which has a contract with the State Civil Service Commission for merit system coverage.


Reinstatement Process

If you are a former civil service employee who is interested in reinstatement, you should notify personnel offices of agencies to which you desire reinstatement. It is YOUR responsibility to pursue reinstatement.

The agency must submit a reinstatement request to the State Civil Service Commission for approval.
Reinstatement requests will be approved if the following conditions are met:
• The employee requesting reinstatement held regular status in a civil service position.
• The employee requesting reinstatement is qualified for the job title and separated from prior civil service employment in good standing.
•The employing agency provides written certification that the employee is in all respects qualified and able to serve in the job.
•The rights of other persons whose names appear on preferred or mandatory reemployment lists would not be violated.
•Reinstated employees must serve a new probationary period, unless reinstated within two years of resignation AND the hiring agency waives the probationary period. If more than two years have expired, the reinstated employee must serve the full probationary period for the class to which returned.

Questions concerning reinstatement should be directed to agency personnel offices or one of the following Civil Service Commission offices:

Information Services Division
Third Floor, Strawberry Square Complex
320 Market Street
P.O. Box 569
Harrisburg, PA 17108-0569
(717) 787-7811

*Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS): 711
*(Hearing and speech disabilities or other individuals)

Eastern Regional Office
Suite 503
110 North 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5157
(215) 560-2253

*Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS): 711
*(Hearing and speech disabilities or other individuals)

Western Regional Office
Room 410
411 7th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1210
(412) 565-7666 

*Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS): 711
*(Hearing and speech disabilities or other individuals)