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Bilingual Needs

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Are you fluent in Spanish or another foreign language?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers many employment opportunities for bilingual individuals. In particular, the fast growth of the Latino population in Pennsylvania has resulted in an increasing need for employees who are able to communicate effectively in Spanish and English.

Providing receptionist duties in a public office, assisting individuals with applying for government services, providing protective services to Pennsylvania's most vulnerable residents, and serving in one of Pennsylvania's state correctional institutions are just a few of the types of work activities performed by bilingual employees each day in Commonwealth and local government agencies. A wide variety of agencies are seeking qualified bilingual employees in positions that provide a variety of services to individuals whose primary language is not English.

In addition to having the chance to use your special language skills with your other areas of expertise, since our jobs allow a healthy work/life balance, you will have time to pursue your other interests and return to work ready to face the new day's challenges. In addition, because our operations are so diverse, you can grow your career in a variety of professional settings without changing employers.

Opportunities provide ample room for career growth and advancement. Many entry-level positions are stepping-stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers. For example, you can start your jorney as a Clerk, Clerk Typist, Unemployment Compensation Intermittent Intake Interviewer, Aide Trainee, County Social Services Aide, or Youth Development Aide with the potential opportunity to advance to higher level job titles such as CareerLink Specialist, Income Maintenance Caseworker, County Caseworker, Parole Agent, and Youth Development Counselor, and later move to other higher-level opportunities. Each step along a specific path comes with additional responsibilities as well as an increase in compensation. There are many paths like this available within the Commonwealth; you only need to find the one that is right for you. Many opportunities are in local government agencies, particularly in counties with high populations of bilingual residents.

To learn more about the types of jobs for which bilingual skills are frequently needed, view the online version of our Career Opportunities for Bilingual Individuals Brochure.

For information on currently available positions, please visit the Commonwealth's employment website at Visitors to the website may also subscribe to receive Job Alerts to be informed via email each time a new position is posted. To subscribe, go to the Open Jobs page, click on "Subscribe to Job Alerts," and then select the occupational categories of interest to you.