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How To Get a Civil Service Job

Applying for Civil Service Jobs 

The following steps describe the basic process required to apply for civil service employment. Visit Open Test Announcements to review examination annoucements for the jobs in which you are interested. This listing is updated daily and lists test announcements of jobs that are open for application and deadline dates for submitting an application.

Read the test announcements thoroughly. Be sure that you meet the minimum requirements for each job. If you are not sure you qualify, contact one of the Commission Offices. If you do not meet all minimum requirements, your test results will not be counted.

Complete a civil service application for employmentfor each test announcement for which you are interested. The test announcement may specify what other documents to submit with the application (e.g. college transcripts, application supplements, etc.). Review this Online Application Tutorial for a comprehensive overview of the civil service application, including pertinent tips and screenshots of the application process.

When completing your application, please make sure you apply for all job titles for which you want to be tested. You will NOT be permitted to add job titles after you test.

The Commission offers reasonable testing accommodations for persons with disabilities. It is your responsibility to inform the Commission of your needs prior to the test date. This information will be kept confidential. A Justification for Testing Accommodation form must be completed and on file before testing accommodations are granted. If you have not tested previously, or since 2003 with the Commission, it will be necessary to return the completed signed form to the Test Administration Division, State Civil Service Commission, 320 Market St., P.O. Box 569, Harrisburg, PA 17108-0569 or faxed to (717) 783-0838.

After applying online for some job titles, you will be automatically directed to select a date, time, and location to take your civil service test. For other job titles, you will be notified when you can select a date, time, and location for testing. If you complete a paper application, you will be notified by letter of your scheduled date, time, and location for testing. If the test consists of a rating of your training and experience, your test score will be based on the information you provide on your application and supplement, if required.

The Commission will send you the results of your examination or rating. If you meet the minimum requirements and pass the test, your name is placed on the list of eligible candidates (eligible list) for that job title according to your score. Positions in the merit system are filled from this pool of eligible candidates.

When a job vacancy occurs, the hiring agency requests an eligible list from which to interview for that job title. Hiring is normally done from the highest ranking candidates on an eligible list. If you are ranked high enough on the eligible list, you will be contacted for a job interview.

If you are interviewed and not selected for the position, your name will remain on the eligible list to be considered for future vacancies for a specified period of time. Your standing on the eligible list may change as more persons are tested and added, and as appointments are made. If you are selected for the position, the agency will notify you and establish a start date.